As a responsible cat owner, maintaining your cat's health is a primary concern. In addition to providing a loving environment and a proper diet, prevention of infectious disease is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your pet illness-free. All cats at one time or another are exposed to deadly infections. Your veterinarian is the best person to help you determine the best health care plan for your cat. Discussing your cat's lifestyle with your veterinarian can help plan the best disease prevention plan to keep your cat healthy and happy for a lifetime.

These are some of the diseases which your cat may be immunized for. Your veterinarian can best decide what is necessary in your area.

Initial vaccinations and revaccination intervals can vary depending on your cat's risk of exposure, the type of vaccine used, your cat's age and it's health status.

Although modern vaccines are highly effective, not every vaccinated cat will be equally protected. Some cat's immune systems will respond very well to vaccination, while others may not develop a high level of protection. Because of this, it is impossible for vaccination to prevent all cases of disease. In addition, some cats may be exposed to such high numbers of infectious microorganisms that their immune system is overwhelmed and they become ill. Fortunately, the vast majority of vaccinated cats will be protected!

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